MP900422671The Catering Group comprises the Heads of Catering from all the HEPCW member institutions, together with 3 procurement advisors, and meets every 6 to 8 weeks. The group works closely with its nominated manufacturers and suppliers in proactive contract management and product evaluation and development.

The current portfolio of HEPCW Catering contracts includes: fresh fruit & vegetables; fresh meat & poultry; frozen and ambient foods; sandwiches and sandwich fillings; confectionery; savoury products; Welsh-branded produce; disposable products; counter-top vending equipment and supplies; detergents and equipment maintenance contracts. The group also has a number of nominated supplier arrangements for specialist foods and services.

In all its contracting activity, the group endeavours to support ethical and sustainable supply chains, fair trade and local produce.

The group also works closely with TUCO (The University Catering Officers), actively participating in TUCO’s vocational activities and utilising a number of TUCO contracts, and with Value Wales, where we are working towards better and more productive collaborative contracting and supply chain management.